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Hey all you lovely people. This is my random blog of guilty geek pleasures. You will be sure to find much gothicness, metal music obsession, anime steampunk and fantasy themed art, and anything involving dragons or elves. I am a bit of a borwncoat (a lot of one, actually) and I have a thing for old sci-fi books. I am a weird person and proud of it, and will accept you and your strangeness for who you are. My favorite Books/ series are The Obsidian Trilogy, The Theater Illuminata Trilogy, and Genesis of Shannara, the Coldfire Trilogy, and the Death Gate Chronicles. I am also obsessed with the Dragon Knights manga series, Legend of Legendary Heroes, and recently had my heart broken by Jyu-oh-sei. .... I think that tells you a lot of what you need to know about me :P



I think this might be my favourite scene in all the Pirates of the Caribbean films. I can’t decide whose reaction I like best: Davy Jones’ look of sheer pride after ruining Will’s tea, Will’s look of “For fuck’s sake, I was drinking that” as it goes flying out of his hand, or Beckett’s look of horror at the sight of wasted tea. 

#British problems on the high seas. 

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